Sunday, August 27, 2017

Elevate your thought and your life

As I begin to take the concept and philosophy of elevated thought beyond the written concept that was to motivate and encourage others to have a better life, my personal goals and motivations have grown as well. I mentioned in previous chapters that Elevated Thought takes you beyond the normal bounds of normal people, it is supposed to help you be bigger and leave a bigger footprint.
The first step in Elevated thought is thinking about more than yourself. Not just someone else like a father, mother, or a girlfriend, but maybe a category of people, like the sick or women with breast cancer, or starving children in a particular city. This train of thought can be a big or as broad as global warming or saving the whales, or as narrow as revitalizing a single neighborhood where you grew up.

Once these other people are being considered you begin to understand that even with your best individual efforts you may only be able to scratch the surface of a single problem. You may also realize, humbly, that you, with the greatest of your efforts may not be the complete answer, but it is still worth every amount of your efforts. These are the people I am seeking to surround myself with. It is a higher calling, self-sacrifice and modesty. But, there is a return. I think that the return is in the reward and experience in helping others. Even others who will never know your name, your face or the real work that you do. 

Every tree want to be an orchard. And in this process you will never be satisfied with just helping one. The act of assisting in the positive development of a community in any way becomes infectious.  
Excerpt from the book Elevated Thought, by Devrick LaGrone

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