Friday, September 22, 2017

A Cause for Elevated Thought

The disaster and devastation of the past 30 days in the U.S Gulf coast region and the Carribean Islands area has been horrific and incalculable. Over 20 islands including the larger ones of Peurto Rico and Cuba have seen destruction on a scale far beyond belief. These storms have literally taken some of these people back to hunter-gatherer status. On the Mainland in the U.S. people are far better off, simply because they can move and get federal assistance where none other may be available. But, for many of the Islanders, the ones you don't see on the commercials, the ones born there and mainly service the hospitality industries that have been destroyed; these people have lost everything.

The International Elevated thought conference sees a cause for Elevated Thought. So, we invite any and everyone in the midwest or other unaffectd States to do whatever you can to help. If you are a carpenter, they can use you, an electrician, it is predicted that some islands will be without power for up to 6 months, Electricians are needed and other tradesmen as well. Heavy machine operators, sanitation specialist and health care workers are all needed. The fact of the matter is, that if the world, especially the U.S. doesn't reach out and assist these people, who did nothing wrong we will see the down sides of Katrina all over again and at an epidemic scale. Imagine every major city in the U.S. picking up an extra 20,000 homeless and hungry people. after all they have to go somewhere.

I was fortunate to be able to supply jobs and assist with housing in St. Louis for a few of the people I knew that had family that moved from New Orleans to St. Louis after Hurricaine Katrina destroyed their homes. But this time around I think that we all will have to think a little bigger to accomodate the volume of destruction and the volume our brothers and sisters left in the wake of this killer storm season. Please do what you can, whever you can. The need is great and will last for years to come, there is opportunity in this tale for many, so do what you can to help, it might be the best thing you ever do.

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