Sunday, August 6, 2017

Evolution of Elevated thought

Think of the brakes on a car, alone they have nothing to do with the Air Conditioning unit and how it functions. But, if you try driving without the brakes, soon you’ll realize that the brakes may have a detrimental effect on every system including the driver if that car can’t stop and hits a brick wall. In this example it is easy to see how malfunctioning brakes can cause a disaster, but the converse is also true. Functioning brake prevent disaster hundreds of times a day.

Combining a singular focus with that of a team management scenario may be what is necessary to accomplish the goal, or to take it to the next level. It is quite possible to select an objective and move aggressively on it for years, only to have it resolved generations down the line. This however, is a natural evolution of Elevated thought, and the more complex the problem the longer the solution may take. Meanwhile, you may solve hundreds of other related problems on the way, elevate your thinking and make each of your days’ worth wild.

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