Friday, August 4, 2017

Introduction To The International Elevated Thought Confrerence

Mission: The mission of the International Elevated Thought Conference is to gather individuals and organizations that can come together to address the current and future problems and endeavors of the communities of the world.  Our mission will address both large and small concerns that face the world today and in the future, and we will also work to actively build the world that we want to share with future generations. Our Goal is the creation of disruptive technologies that help people, families, communities and governments to simply be better, to solve the persistent problems that plague people where they live and assist those who can’t help themselves where-ever they may be.  

The Idea: Elevated thought is a state of conscience that allows individuals and groups to think forward to solve real problems, with the understanding that regardless of the diligence applied to the solutions of certain problems, they may not be realized in a single or even several generations. The Idea is to focus that far out and apply the Elevated thought required to achieve a successful result regardless of the effort, time or money require to serve humanity. 

Feel Free to comment and share this blog.If your interest is deeper and you or your organization would like to join us let us know in the comment section.

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